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 to my tiny corner of the world.


     This blog is for the messy, the dream-big entrepreneurs, the unorganized, the tried-every-diet-ers, looking to gain confidence through imperfect progress. 

     First thing’s first: I love Jesus, and I love people. Native of the Pinehurst area, I am a Carolina girl through and through (Go Heels!, #panthernation). Yet, my safe, Southern bubble has been popped by an array of travel and experiences. Don’t get me wrong, my roots are firmly planted below the Mason-Dixon line. However, I am mesmerized by cultures across town and across the globe. 

     Being the entrepreneurship enthusiast that I am, I binge read and listen to stories about business ventures like most people watch Netflix.  That passion has led me to partner in founding and operating POPE MARKETING & EVENTS, specializing in supporting locally owned businesses, travel and tourism, and nonprofits.  Four years in the making, this company is now a team of diverse, yet like-hearted people who want their work to show God’s love in many languages, shapes, sizes, and efforts.  Our aim to is build community (Isaiah 58). 

     Communities thrive when their individual parts are healthy. Whether that community is family, marriage, friends, church, work, or any other gathering of people, we are called to all-around health – heart, mind, soul, and strength by loving God and loving people (Luke 10:27).  So, working in all-organic experiences and adding in some Southern sugar, a blend of spices from various cultures, and a hearty helping of guidance from Jesus, I am going to attempt to live my most transparent life. Take note of and even share new recipes, travel tips, and workouts for every level. My hope is that we will come alongside each other in encouragement as we replace the chaos in our lives with

His peace. 

with grace and gumption,

Megan Pope 

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