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Last week we talked about knowing Jesus leads to the best life. With Him in your heart and surrendering your life to be in His control - nothing can stop you. There's actual peace there. True, abundant, lighthearted peace. It is refreshment to your very soul.

Today, we're looking at what it means to be blessed by God: a life of adventure and unexpected blessings. Being blessed far beyond what we could even imagine to ask for and certainly not in any ways we deserve. That's what I love about our Father in heaven. He's got us. He loves us. He wants to bless us.

Sometimes we're too busy to see it or to stop long enough to receive it. If you're like me, you get caught up in trying so hard to work for it. He didn't ask us to work for it. He asked us to lean on Him. He asked us to show up for the battle but watch as He wins it all for us.

Last week I shared that I would be leaving for Africa next week! NEXT WEEK! I have never been and have no idea what to expect...and I should probably start packing. First, I have to finish raising the money. As of that video last week, I had raised exactly half of the money needed for the trip. With only two weeks to go. This week, God has blessed me through other churches, random donors, friends, and my family in how they have given for this mission trip. Tonight is the final fundraiser to support our travel. I cannot wait to see what God does and how He will blow us away. My prayer is for this money to go towards us loving others lavishly, just like God loves us.

Fundraising is a bit heavy lately. Not only have I been working for this personal goal of going to Senegal, Africa, but POPE MARKETING & EVENTS is holding its first, ever, Halloween Party for a Purpose! Halloween is my season! I adore the costumes and camaraderie. The haunted houses and the chills and thrills. It is an exhilarating time of year! This party we have taken on is so much more than just a good time, it is a scholarship-raiser. DACA aka Dreamers are well deserving students who have called the U.S. home since childhood, yet do not receive scholarships nor in-state tuition. In my personal experience, I have seen too many heartbreaking cases where hopeful students quickly lost their glimmer due to not having the support they needed - financially or even someone beside them offering encouragement. God has put it on our hearts to change the norm there. Let me be fully transparent, we by no means have the means to put anyone through college. Heck, I am still paying off my student loans! But God, in His ways that are much higher than my own, Has this covered. We are starting with a budget of literally zero for this party, raising the support to throw it, plus (Hello!) the real goal which is the scholarship. Anxiety tries to grasp at me for this ludicrous dream. It is so much bigger than me or POPE. However, there is an unexplainable peace over me about what is to come. God has this. He keeps reminding me of that. God has put together an amazing team, the best vendors, and most dazzling venue. It would not be possible without them. It would not be possible without Him.

Today, I am trying to focus my attention on the Senegal fundraiser. It's hard when Halloween is so dauntingly in my face. That is myself getting in the way. Yet as I keep checking in with God, He consistently reminds me to let Him do what He does best. I just have to keep showing up to the battle, the victory is His. I am inviting you to come to the table and let's watch together as God provides in wild ways and loves us lavishly, like only He can.

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