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Google defines “preparation” as:

1) the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration

2) something done to get ready for an event or undertaking

3) a substance that is specially made up


God made me exactly how I am. He didn’t make a mistake. Not to say that I am perfect. Through my own choices, I have become broken. Yet, He is molding me and healing me each day. With each morning, His mercies are made new and where I may have made mistakes before, I get to try again with His support and love backing me the whole way. It is all a part of the process of Him making me ready to be used for things so far beyond me or this company. He didn’t just all of a sudden ask me to start POPE MARKETNG & EVENTS. He didn’t throw me into writing and vlogging. He had me taking steps nearly all my life towards this career path, even though I thought I was heading towards being a child psychologist. His way is higher than my own. He prepares us by breaking things down into smaller steps. My therapist once put it in a way I haven’t forgotten. If we knew the “final destination” we would try to find every shortcut possible to get there. However, the long way is full of baby steps that prepare us along the way. If we found ourselves skipping to the end, we’ve bypassed preparation and may not be able to handle what God has in store for us.


So we prepare as much as we possibly can while trusting that God is preparing us beyond what we can do. Like definition number two stated, something done to get ready for an event or an undertaking. At POPE MARKETING & EVENTS, we are constantly preparing for an event. We sit down and map out what is needed what ours goals are and how it should look, feel, taste, smell - all the things. Just like we prepare these events with attention to detail, we should be carrying this into our personal lives. What does this look like? Well, let’s start with our finances. How are we using the money we receive? Do we budget it out, are we building our savings, are we using it to bless others? I’ll be honest, budgeting has not been my strong suit in my personal life. I am a therapeutic shopper. Even though God has done amazing things to heal that brokenness in me, I know that I have to be aware, because given the right circumstances I could bust that wound wide open again and that’s not where I want to be. Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey is an amazing concept that breaks down budgeting and financial planning into simple steps that lead little by little to financial freedom and wealth. Not so I can shop my way through life, but so that I can bless others extravagantly. Meal prep is a part of this as well. Mapping out healthful recipes, what exactly is needed, and buying only those items from the grocery store. I have saved myself so much time and money this way. Because as soon as I fail to meal prep, it’s all over. I reach for whatever is convenient and spend way more, throwing off my healthful living and my budget. Slowing down to take the few hours I spend meal prepping sets my week up for success. In videos to come, we will be going over delicious recipes, shopping lists, and what meal prep looks like without eating a salad every day!


God made me, special and unique for such specific purposes (notice that is plural and that I am not just serving one purpose), that I don’t want to be anyone else. It’s easy to see others’ lives and start the comparison game. But if I got wrapped up in trying to be someone else, one I’m living a miserable life, two, I am missing the purposes He so specially made me to carry out.

Going back to the multiple purposes. There is so much I want to do and am being called to do which takes preparation. This is where I really have to focus on one step before I can move to the next. Not taking on all these things at once, but spacing them out to do them well.

Our community group recently discussed Martha and Mary, two sisters in the Bible. I realized how much I resonate with Martha. Martha is seen opening her house up to guests, preparing the food, making sure everyone is comfortable. When hard times happen she stays busy. I am a doer like that, not sitting around crying about it, maybe too much to the point I don’t stop to process. But Jesus even slows down. When He was urgently called on to save Lazarus whom He loved like a brother, He stayed where He was for two days. He could have gone right then and healed Lazarus’ sickness, but what more of an impact did He make by raising someone from the dead?! He knew what was best and slowed down to make that happened rather than getting wrapped up in everyone else’s rush. This is a major part of my goal to live a life that does not make sense without God. I could live the “usual” life of rushing around to get everything done that I’ve over-committed to and often find myself in those situations. But why not slow down and do fewer things really well and maybe actually enjoy them? Just a thought.

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