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It was in fifth grade when I asked Jesus to come into my heart. I knew He was God's Son and that He died to save me. I understood that much and that was it - I was saved forever and ever, amen.

Growing up a preacher's kid, I knew the things to say and the motions to go through but they were just that. I thought that was it. You were saved and you tried not to mess up anymore. The end.

Then I had my college years, and did what college kids do. Plus a few bonus years of that lifestyle... It was during this time that I became complacent. I had a safe job with steady income, in a safe town, and I was in a relationship that was very comfortable. None of this was healthy, though. I was getting by with mediocre work and the relationship I was in came above all else because I wanted so badly to "fix" it. Despite my efforts and pride, it all came crashing down like dominos. First the relationship, then the job, then the steady income. My comforts were all stripped away.

Yet had it not been for the relationship ending, I would not have been as reliant on God to walk away from my job. God called me to steps of faith that I'm not sure I would have taken had I not been so broken and finally to a point where I was so completely reliant on Him.

I avoided God most of my life because I thought it was about a bunch of rules and "can'ts." All the while, I was missing out on a relationship with Him. He just wanted me to turn from anxiety, lust, partying, and trying to control everything. He wanted me to trust Him. He has

big plans for me. He brought on POPE MARKETING & EVENTS. Nothing I did deserved this kind of reward and grace. Now we get to use this company to bless others. Not to live some boring life but to provide the most fun, joyful, peaceful, loving life I have ever experienced. He changed, shaped, and renewed parts of my life and still is. I finally meant it when I said...

"Whatever You want me to do, I surrender.

Where do you want me to go?

What do you want me to do?

I'll go. I'll do it."

The last thing I expected was to be called to this company so soon. On top of that, to be shown a glimpse of the future that awaits it. He is using this company to bless communities near and far. We get to support at least one, if not more, students go to college through this Halloween party. Personally, I believe we will see Him bring even more kids to school through this effort - not by our works, but by His alone. Two weeks ago, I went to Africa as a part of a mission team through Hope Community Church. Life-changing.

Don't get me wrong, God has not made life one big party. But when people see Him through our transformation - oh, you better believe there will be a party! I firmly believe that is part of why God has given me the gift of party planning. It's unreal. Life with Him is nothing like I thought it would be. I am grateful it means experiencing the unbelievable with Him every. single. day.

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